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Also a geek so Dr Who, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and random shows. Oh, and I like Kpop/Kdramas. Don't ask how I got into was years ago and I can't escape. :-) So...expect to see some Asian people on here sometimes (mainly Han Geng/Suju) and some fandom drama.
Asker tinzeberry Asks:
"They trended him on his birthday. Also…some find it kind of pointless since Twitter is banned in China and he won’t see it anyway."

-- Thanks for the reply~ I haven't seen him trending during his birthday, I might've missed it. :/ I also don't think it's pointless even if he can't see it 'cause some members of SJ doesn't have a twitter account anyway but they still trended so yeah (even if other member could've told them and it's different from Geng, I still think the same.)
ancientrelic ancientrelic Said:

Yeah. I get that. It is the thought and the action that counts. But yeah he was trending on his bday for a while (happened while I was sleeping so I got in at the end of it) and some fans took a shot of it and posted it on his Weibo so he can see it. Don’t know if he did though.

They tried trending him last night too with the other members, but people kept using different names…so that fell apart. LOL

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