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Also a geek so Dr Who, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and random shows. Oh, and I like Kpop/Kdramas. Don't ask how I got into was years ago and I can't escape. :-) So...expect to see some Asian people on here sometimes (mainly Han Geng/Suju) and some fandom drama.


“After this I go to work at a pizza shop. My wife and I were college professors in Bangladesh. I taught accounting. But one dollar in America becomes eighty dollars when we send it back home.”

People forget, when immigrants come to this country they start from scratch. They could have been lawyers in their home country, but in the means nothing. You think a HS diploma from Bangladesh means anything in this country? My mom was a top student in her home country, went to all the best schools and got the best of everything…but when she got here it meant squat and she was cleaning other people’s homes and scrubbing their toilets. This is why I get pissed of when people talk smack about immigrants. They at least are doing something…..heading for a goal..making sacrifices…what are you doing with your life? 

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