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If you’re subscribed to The Grand Narrative’s Facebook, you’ve probably already seen this. I wanted to share this none the less because it needs to be noted the way foreigners are being portrayed by mainstream media: the usual shitty-ass offensive shit, just as suspected. Not to mention xenophobic. The reporting is biased — completely one-sided (and it’s obvious what some of the intents are behind this — to shed a bad light on foreign men and, again, subtly pin the HIV epidemic on the growing population of non-Koreans); there’s no factual evidence, just testimonies and opinions; the narration is filled with misleading questions (“Do you think their relationship is based on trust or curiosity?”); and in general, perpetuating the negative image of cross-cultural intermingling and relationships. Yes, this happens, but I’m very sure there are just as many Korean assholes who have walked out on their girlfriends after impregnating them; and the two or three foreign men MBC interviewed should not warrant some ignorant moral panic to keep the streets free of anybody non-Korean. Really, “victims of foreigners”? What the flying fuck. 

There’s just way too many wrongs about this — just watch and see for yourself. 

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