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Jenny Hyun, who is a songwriter for SNSD & Chocolat and is an artist herself, recently went on a racist rampage, outing herself as a bigot and mentally unstable as well.

While the title is harsh, I assure you she deserves every bit of it after her Twitter rant laden with racism towards black people.

Yes, you read that correctly, she actually did call for the genocide of black people, which I don’t even know how to explain in words because it’s so fucking insane. Frighteningly, that’s only one of many out-of-this-world racist statements that she makes throughout the tirade.

Ironically though, she’s angry that people aren’t respectful of Asians, so suffice to say, she has difficulty understanding what actions earn respect.

What the fuck was going through her head when she wrote this shit?

You know what will help Asians earn respect? An Asian version of Adolf Hitler … played by me!

Wonderful. Way to carry that torch, you insane fuck.

So what sparked this rant?

Floyd Mayweather‘s tweet about Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

So yeah, she suggested the genocide of black people because a fucking boxer who is black suggested that Jeremy Lin is getting hyped more because he’s Asian and not black.

What Floyd Mayweather said is wrong, and his dislike for Asians is well documented, going back to his racist rant against Manny Pacquiao. However, being racist back (and disturbingly so) certainly isn’t the answer.

Oddly enough, Jeremy Lin himself is an example of how you break down walls. By putting in the work, performing like a fucking bauce, and setting an example for those that follow. Not by going on Twitter and blabbing on and on about vapid bullshit like Jenny Hyun just did.

What does she think she’s accomplishing by making Asians look bad by launching into a racist tirade on Twitter and then saying she doesn’t regret her words.

Delusional. Ignorant. Racist.


Needless to say, Jenny Hyun crossed the line. She crossed the line in a gigantic way.

Worse yet, she’s a public figure. Maybe not a popular one with influence, but somebody who makes money selling music and who puts herself out there to the people at large. The fact that she felt completely comfortable expressing those thoughts, especially given her chosen career path, is disturbing.

Personally, I’m fucking disgusted by her and I feel fucking embarrassed that she attempts to speak for me as both an Asian and as an Asian American through her bigoted verbal diarrhea that she tries to prop up as logical truth telling.

It’s a complete mystery to me why anybody of any race continues to support her or employ her. To look the other way in regards to this overt display of hatred is to condone it through inaction, so I sincerely hope she has to answer for her words.

If only she took her own advice.


Let me give out some advice…to Floyd Mayweather and Ms Jenny Hyun..

You want respect and consideration? Learn to give it. People do and say shitty things to you….does not justify you saying and doing shitty things back…especially when it affects other who did not do shit to you

People like Mayweather and Hyun like to use individual examples of people being shitty…as an excuse to be ignorant and racist. Because then they can use their perceived victim hood as a shield and justification for their bullshit. So they can conveniently ignore all the rest of the people who don’t fit into their racist viewpoints. But look at what I SUFFERED!! 

Ms Hyun is conveniently ignoring all the prominent, and well known and everyday African Americans that stood up for Jeremy Lin when Mayweather acted the fool and told him to sit his ass down. And all the black people that support him and will continue to support him. But no…a few said some bad that justifies calling for the eradication of their race. But I’m going to be a better person here…I’ll pray for you Jenny. Just like I pray for Mayweather’s foolish ass. I hope God continues to work on you. Bless.

I’m going to take a break. Whitney’s funeral is about to start and I’m about to watch…even know her death isn’t “much of a loss”..her being part of such a useless race and all.  

I’m out.

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