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Yeah. Yellow journalism is still yellow journalism..even if it is Dispatch.

"Oh, here is an interview, with no names, no identifications, no nothing with any hint of who is talking..but they are "friends" of Jessica and Girls Generation and will tell us about what actually happened."


Umm, that’s basically: “my friends’, cousin’s, uncle’s brother, who working in SM told him…” I’m gonna need a little more than that…I mean…really?

Don’t know….Jessica sounds pretty sincere to me…and UPSET. I believe her that she did not want to leave the group. And she is right…she has never been one to miss events or anything. That is not anything that I have ever known or heard about her. So…if there was evidence that her personal business activities were getting in the way of her group activities…then it would something. But there is no evidence of that….so it makes them kicking her out look bad.

It just looks shady. 

Or Hyoyoen dating that guy that beats people up at her birthday party…and gets arrested. Or Hyoyoen getting reported to police for allegedly beating up that same guy/ex boyfriend during a night of drunken partying. So…who is ruining SNSD’s image…I’m confused? Has Jessica ever missed an event or gotten her named involved in any scandal? Just checking.

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What’s happening to SM Entertainment’s artists? First, Yifan, now it’s Jessica.

As usual SM is trying to blame it entirely on the artist by making her seem unprofessional, greedy and selfish. That’s what they always do…because it usually works on many fans. How many idols are there out there, that have a side business in fashion etc, and are fully supported by their company?  I can think of at least 5 of the top of my head. Why does Jessica have to give up her’s or leave SNSD? Good luck ya’ll. I wish Jessica the best.

They always follow their time honored script.


I hope when I am back from my weekly walk….their vision has cleared.



"Enough of that!"

someone made the gifset!

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