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GRMM’s ASOIAF is to man as david anthony durham’s acacia is to woman.

it’s just…BETTER. and i dont want to break it down by making character comparisons because there r definitely some similarities but david can write circles around GRRM—-like a lot of the fantasy authors of color i’ve read this year.

ok, now for some funny racist shit.

the royal family and main characters of the series are definitely POC. DEFINITELY. durham describes them as brown, likens their skin as a lot darker than the pale northern ppl who attack them SO MANY TIMES. but why is all the fan art for these characters portraying them as WHITE?


some of these characters go in to exile and interact with tribes that are CLEARLY influenced by african cultures. ESPECIALLY the way the chieftains r described to be dressed. and the fan artists r smart enough to acknowledge that but TOTALLY ignore their skin color?

so u get really ridiculous shit


like this.


white ppl cray.

corinn is described as beautiful in the books but generally considered ugly by the new court ladies because her skin is darker than the mein ideal of pale.



white ppl cray.

Like all those people who were shocked and upset that Rue from Hunger Games was played by a black girl….even though she was described as black in the books. They just gloss over all of that and project themselves into everything.











White women are the only group of women who will take “basic bitch” as a compliment, and write nonsensical articles like the one above. (x)

I’m laughing so hard right now, this is embarrassing. 


that’s a damn shame

Oh my God…..this is really still happening.

Being basic is not a compliment

Being basic does not mean you like “the simple things in life”

Stop using AAVE phrases you do not understand and and using them out of context.

Articles like that are why yall white girls continue to be basic bitches.

Okay so I’d never heard of a “basic bitch" before, but ALL of this is incredibly troubling. Seriously world, wtf?

Oh no. how DARE someone take a derogatory term used against their specific race and turn it into something they’re proud of and use often to greet each other!!!

Basic bitch isn’t race specific. Get outta here.

this is honestly the greatest thing to ever happen

This world is a real trip.

White women do this shit all the time. Completely misunderstand shit, and then project their perspective of it to the world, to the point where it starts to be known as that. It’s highly annoying. And trying to explain to them how off they are ends up with them looking at you like you are the idiot, like you dont know what you are talking about. They have this grand assumption, this confidence, that they are on it, they are hip to shit, not even literally thinking that, in any sort of words or whatever, just this assumption. The worst part is their uncoolness, finger being off the pulse, becomes the accepted shit and so you end up looking like the asshole.

Being a basic bitch has nothing to do with race. These white women are just so self absorbed and basic that they simply can’t conceive of the fact that they are basic and so attribute it to because they are white, or because they like ‘simple things’ or whatever the fuck.

*is white b4 sum rtard calls me racist or sum shyt*

Tumble always having the important discussions…



Life gave this dog lemons and this dog was like “HAHAHA TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME!”


Fuck, here’s some inspiration.

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Fear doesn’t need to be conquered. Fear tells you where the edge is. Fear is a good thing.
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"how are you single?"


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