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fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2014 couture

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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Handcuff suicides are oddly common… #handsup #dontshoot #policebrutality #ourlivesmatter #ferguson #mikebrown #blacklivesmatter

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What would happen if there here were black time travelers lmfao

There would be SO many people I need to punch in the face

All the founding fathers


I’d take a shit on Ronald Reagan a couple times

Good lord it would be so much fun

I’d fuck Robert E. Lee’s ass up

King Leopold I’ll get fucked up

I’d smack the piss outta Susan B. Anthony 

man that shit would be fun

Punch Margaret Thatcher in the boobs

Fade Margaret Sanger on sight 

Pistol whip Christopher Columbus

I personally want to go back and tell the woman that accused Emmitt Till of whistling at her than she aint fucking fine all white i got my foot on her neck.

Yo if time travel was possible I’m heading straight back to 1491. Columbus & his homeys is getting domed, All the european monarchs’ castles are getting firebombed, I’m smuggling rifles to everyone on the west coast of Africa, & penicillin to everyone in the Americas.

Cut that shit off from jump

I’m pistol whipping all the crackers the bombed the church killing the four girls before they even make to the church.

Also stomping a mudhole into Byron De La Beckwith for killing Medgar Evers and walking around all smug and shit. 

I would warn the Black Panthers about J Hoover’s ole bitch ass and plan operation Black Reign. Hoover can get these hands for Cointel Pro. I would do a drive by all through the south hitting every KKK member. I’d take a trip to Tulsa,OK and arm every Black person with bullet proof vest, machine guns, and letting know the government gone drop a bomb so they should get their affairs in order.

Imma take a picture of Cleopatra, the Spinx, and some random civilians on the streets of Cairo to prove to these racist whites that the ancient Egyptians were in fact, Black.

My sole goal going back in time would be to make sure white people don’t make it to America at all costs. And this will involve throwing columbus overboard in the middle of the ocean with heavy object attached to his feet.

Going to make a pit stop to fuck Lincoln’s ass up.

Bitch slap all the founding fathers.

Warn the natives.

Makes sure whatever lineage Katy Perry, Miley and Iggy come from is beheaded and stopped immediately.

Tell MLK to be very clear in his I Have A Dream Speech that he ain’t here for white people, because white people in the future will try and twist his words to support their racism.

this is why they dont want too many of us on Doctor who! LOL, like the entire season would be the Doctor telling us we couldnt go and change time and shit, and we’d be like “nah but i just, hold on a second Im not gone hit him, I JUST WANNA TALK TO  HIM!”

Y’all are a mess. lol. But yeah…that Columbus one….my I sland was actually one of the Island he landed on…yep. Screw him.

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You’re so attractive for a white girl! I mean you’re not like the rest of them all pale, plain, and flat..

now tell me that doesn’t immediately come across as offensive?

stop doing this to people of color 

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Oh HELL no! This kids would have been snatched up and wrecked in my house.

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Earlier this week, Dispatch released a report where they revealed text messages sent between Kim Hyun Joong and “Plaintiff A” (his ex-girlfriend).

Now, the media company has revealed photos of the apparent physical abuse that Kim Hyun Joong inflicted. 

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Look at this bullshit. An I STILL see fans talking about: “let’s wait for the facts” “Oppa is not like that”

He already admitted to hitting her…but says it only happened once. Yeah okay. And yeah she broke her rib…but that was only when they were “playing around”. Yeah ok. But ya’ll are going to his defenders. I’m not the one. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover…that’s proven again for sure. Disappointing.


"OMG you’re so dark"


"So where in Africa are you from? Nigeria? 


"Make sure you marry a light skin man/woman or your kids will be too dark"


"You should tone down the bright colors, it makes your dark skin stand out too much"


"You’re actually cute for a dark skin girl/guy"


*Insert midnight/disappearing in dark joke here*


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Crush Alert: Cary Joji Fukunaga